Bringing Wall Street Analytics to Main Street Business

Having a background in the hedge fund services industry. SEAD’s directive is to bring wall street analytics and forecasting to main street business. Our goal is to make all businesses as efficient and connected with relevant data as that of a portfolio manager. We aim to give all businesses the following:

  • Actionable Analytics through Write Back
  • Automated Workflow Processes
  • Algorithmic Forecasting
  • Auditable Error Tracking and Handling
  • Affordable Pricing

We build a portal for any business.

We are reinventing the SaaS model, selling end-to-end solutions to our customers. These solutions consist of:

  • End-to-end ETL process for structured or unstructured data
  • Transforming a Web Browser into a DBA’s tool belt
  • Actionable insights through artificial intelligence
  • Automatic API development with push/pull capability
  • Hands-on customer service from development to maintenance
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Frequently asked questions FAQS

SEAD is an acronym for Secure Encrypted Actionable Dashboard.

SEAD serves actionable data through web-enabled dashboards to help streamline business workflow and provide up-to-date analytics for all information.

SEAD is a SaaS ( Software as a Service ) company that uses a combination of proprietary software and open source technologies to provide a device agnostic portal that either connects to your existing system(s) or develops a custom software solution for you.

SEAD provides meaningful value in the first two weeks of the engagement. Every week after SEAD will build upon that value based on your current business needs.

SEAD's pricing varies by engagement. We aim to be a "negative cost", meaning the value through automation and analytics what we bring will have the FTE ( full-time equivalent ) impact that is far greater than our cost.

Yes. Typically our pricing increases as we engage more with our clients due to our positive FTE impact through automation. As our solution grows and scalability grows within your business so does our cost to maintain and enhance the system in place. However, after the initial engagement if there is only maintenance with no expansion the monthly cost will either not change or be slightly reduced.

SEAD's price range starts at $5,000 per month at a minimum. Typically our clients fall in the $10,000 - $15,000 per month range with a top end value of around $30,000+ per month.

Yes. SEAD has done partnerships and revenue sharing agreements. However, typically SEAD will charge a start-up/development fee before the solution is launched.

The SEAD Technology Stack consists of a proprietary database that has custom Python-based loaders and a front-end portal that is developed in Angular Javascript.

We have a proprietary loading framework that can parse both structured and unstructured data. We can connect to Rest APIs, relational data sources, IoT Data, PDFs, Excel sheets, Microsoft Outlook, and virtually any other data source.

Our SEAD Database acts as an FTP replacement. The administrator is installed behind your firewall and passes your data in an encrypted and compressed format to a client database in our internal structure. At any point, you can decline access to our client machine which will wipe the data on our server to a DoD (Department of Defense) standard.

We utilize the SEAD technology stack to develop custom solutions specific to your company's needs. This includes but not limited to Actionable Dashboards, Custom Alerts/Notifications, Data Quality Analysis, Emailed Delivered Reports, and Process Automation.

With SEAD you have complete access to a technology/business team that consists of back-end developers, front-end developers, project managers, business analysts, and executive consultants.

We have a "High Tech, High Touch" approach, that consists of algorithmic alerting mechanisms and personal customer support for same day responses.

We have dashboards and algorithmic checks in place to alert our team on any outliers that occur during the loading process.

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